4.3 Staking Rewards

Stake Vault Network's staking rewards system is carefully crafted to encourage involvement, guarantee equity, and support enduring stability in the ecosystem. Here are the main elements of the rewards framework:

Reward Calculation and Distribution

Stake Vault Network's staking rewards are calculated based on the proportion of SVN tokens each user stakes in the network relative to the total staked amount. This proportional distribution model ensures a fair and equitable allocation of rewards, directly aligning each participant's earnings with their contribution to network security and consensus validation.

Reward Distribution Frequency

Rewards are distributed on a monthly basis, providing a consistent and predictable income stream for stakers. This regular distribution schedule strikes a balance between maintaining network stability and catering to the liquidity preferences of token holders, allowing them to access their earned rewards at frequent intervals.

Participation Thresholds

Participants can begin earning staking rewards with a minimum stake of 100 SVN tokens. This low entry barrier is strategically designed to encourage widespread participation, supporting network security and decentralization by enabling a diverse range of users to contribute to the ecosystem's growth and success.

Transparency and Adjustability

Stake Vault Network's extensive documentation clearly details the staking rewards system, building trust and responsibility among the community members. Any adjustments to the rewards formula or distribution schedule are subject to community approval through SVN token holder voting, ensuring that changes are aligned with stakeholder interests and maintain the platform's democratic governance principles.

Rewards Pool

The staking rewards pool is initially comprised of 525 million SVN tokens, approximately 25% of the total supply. This sizable pool is designed to sustain the long-term issuance of staking rewards, providing a stable and predictable source of incentives for participants. Adjustments to the pool size may be made based on annual token emission rates and community governance decisions, ensuring the system remains responsive to evolving market conditions and ecosystem demands.

Incentives for Validators

Validators play a crucial role in the Stake Vault Network ecosystem, committing significant resources and assuming additional responsibilities to ensure network security and consensus. To compensate for their heightened efforts, validators receive a higher reward rate than regular stakers. The validator reward rate exceeds the base rate for regular stakers by 20%, recognizing their essential contributions and supporting a strong and dependable validation network.

Risk Management

Stake Vault Network incorporates a dynamic adjustment mechanism to effectively manage the staking rewards pool, protecting against inflationary pressures and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the rewards system. This includes periodic reviews of the token emission rate based on network growth, SVN token economic conditions, and other relevant factors. These safeguards aim to maintain a balanced and stable rewards ecosystem, preserving the value of the SVN token and incentivizing continued participation.

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