4.1 Tokenomics

The native token of Stake Vault Network, SVN, has a defined total supply of 2,100,000,000 tokens. This strategic allocation is designed to support the platform’s growth, incentivize community engagement, and sustain long-term development. The allocation is detailed as follows:

Staking Rewards—52% (1,092,000,000 tokens): The largest portion of SVN's supply is reserved for staking rewards, demonstrating Stake Vault Network’s dedication to compensating users for their contributions to network security and governance. This significant allocation encourages both active participation and long-term commitment within the ecosystem.

Development and Marketing—18% (378,000,000 tokens): Allocated for the ongoing development and marketing of Stake Vault Network, this segment covers expenses related to technical advancements, promotional activities, legal compliance, and operational costs. It ensures the platform continues to evolve, innovate, and reach broader audiences.

Community and Advisors—10% (210,000,000 tokens): Acknowledging the vital importance of a vibrant community and expert advisory, this allocation is set aside for rewards, incentives, and compensations aimed at fostering a dynamic community and securing invaluable guidance from advisors. It aims to build a supportive and innovative ecosystem, encouraging widespread usage and long-term stability.

Liquidity Pool—13% (273,000,000 tokens): Dedicated to enhancing the liquidity of SVN within the decentralized finance landscape, this allocation supports the platform’s integration into various exchanges and liquidity pools. It ensures SVN remains accessible and fluid, facilitating seamless transactions for users.

Team—7% (147,000,000 tokens): Recognizing the relentless effort and expertise of the Stake Vault Network team and advisors, this portion of tokens rewards their contributions towards the project’s success. It aligns the team’s incentives with the platform’s long-term objectives, ensuring continued dedication and alignment with Stake Vault Network’s vision.

Token Distribution Mechanism

SVN's distribution is designed to ensure a fair and transparent process. The initial token price will be determined based on market demand and supply, the project's development stage, and other relevant macroeconomic factors. This information will be openly shared with initial investors and participants, promoting transparency and building trust in the community.

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