5.1 Milestones

Q1 2023: Project Initiation and Development

The Stake Vault Network journey began in the first quarter of 2023, with the team focusing on defining the project's core concept and vision. This period marked the assembly of a dedicated team and advisors, foundational to the project's future developments. Initial development efforts laid down the technological and strategic roadmap that would guide Stake Vault Network's progression in the blockchain ecosystem.

Q2 2024: Initial Exchange Listing

Stake Vault Network is poised to list its native token, SVN, on major exchanges, targeting key regions to ensure widespread accessibility and liquidity. This strategic move aims to establish a solid user base and facilitate market transactions, enhancing the project's visibility and adoption.

Q3 2024: Platform Development and Expansion

The focus will shift towards expanding platform features and forging new partnerships. This phase will integrate user feedback from earlier stages to refine the platform's offerings, ensuring that Stake Vault Network remains at the forefront of the staking and DeFi spaces.

Q4 2024: Listing on Additional Exchanges

The project anticipates listing SVN on additional international exchanges every three months, beginning in Q4 2024. This initiative is expected to increase token liquidity further and make Stake Vault Network accessible to an even wider audience.

2025 and Beyond: Ongoing Growth and Expansion

Stake Vault Network is committed to continuous growth and expansion. The roadmap includes entering new markets, adding innovative features, and enlarging the community. The team will persist in optimizing and enhancing the platform to meet the evolving needs of its users and the broader blockchain community.

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